From the book....

Excerpt from The Moon and Stars – A Tale of Dakota Rising

“As he opened the front door, he shouted, “I’m going out for a bike ride.”

“But I’m not finished, Dak. We have some good news, “Mapiya hollered, as she stood up. “Tate, do something,” Mapiya demanded.

No!” Grandpa Tate said, mincing no words. He has to process this. He needs some alone time. Let him be.”

“But we didn’t get to tell him the good news about his Grandma Alexandra visiting from Greece.”

Dak left the house without acknowledging his grandma, but he did hear her. Good news, bad news! It all just felt like noise to Dak’s numb mind.

Quickly, he retrieved his bike and pedaled wildly, with complete abandon. A rare late summer rain exploded with a mighty crash. Before he knew it, he was just a block away from Olivia’s house and dripping wet.